Beauty Thursday: Lierac Mesolift Serum

I have finished this bottle and contemplating if I should buy bottle number two.

Lierac Mesolift contains:
Blood- orange extract, vitamins A, C, E, B5, B6; calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and hyaluronic acid.

Blood-orange extract for its energizing and detoxifying properties and the cocktail of vitamins and minerals helps energize and replump the skin, for a glowing, radiant complexion.

The bottle lightly smells of orange and the texture of the serum is a medium viscous liquid. I like to warm it up and pat it on my face after washing my face. Sometimes I use it alternate with the John Masters serum and they work well together.

After finishing the bottle I do notice that my face has a better glow and not so tired looking. However I did experience some light break outs, not the full on big pimples, when I first started. Granted my skin is a little bit on the over-reactive side but after 1 week it settled down nicely.

For around Aud$60, it might not be the most expensive serum you would ever use, I remember Clinique's Laser Corrective serum sells for a lot more. It also lasted me around the same time as John Master's Serum, which is 2.5 months give or take.

That equates to less than Aud$30 per month and it works wonderfully for me. Hmm, might look for it during sales again ^_^

Lifestyle Friday: Lactose Intolerant

milk image from morgue file
I am intolerant to milk, just milk actually, I think anything that has high amount of lactose will make me gassy and bloated.

But I still drink milk, because of the calcium and because it is not bad if I drink it in small amounts. By small I mean 1 glass maximum a day.

Cheese and yogurt will not pose problem, I think because the lactose has been converted to something else and therefore my stomach can handle it.

Why do I still drink milk then? I could try almond milk/ soy milk or oat milk. My insistence of drinking something that makes me a walking fart bomb makes no sense.

Cow's milk is cheaper when you compare them liter by liter and since I am just intolerant to it, all I have to observe is the limit.

You can be intolerant to a lot of foods, some people are gluten intolerant. What intolerant means, is that your stomach might not tolerate it well if you were to eat too much of it. Like me with milk, if I drink about 150ml, my body will accept it fine, but chugging down a whole 500ml, that's asking for trouble.

With intolerance, once the offending food gets ejected (often forcefully) out of your body, you would feel a lot better and there will no consequences anymore.

Lactose allergy though..
Yes, some people suffer from lactose allergy, they itch and they scratch. They puff up and look like a giant beet root. They will tell you that they are allergic to dairy, because anything with milk origin: cheese, yogurt, whey etc. will make cause a reaction.

There is a difference. When I see people telling me that they are allergic to dairy, yet eating a store bought butter shortbread, makes my internal eyes roll. Honestly, you would think they know the difference by now?

Fashion Wednesday: Tailor Made vs Ready Madetai

ready made
tailor made
When was the last time you have a dress tailor made for yourself? Chances are you are like me, some on who shops off the rack.

Even my wedding dress was off the rack, suffice to say that I am a lazy person with lazy shopping habits. But few years back I found this shop that was closing and saw this cloth that was on sale (right). It has golden sakura flowers with ombre colors or red, pink to light pink. Naturally I really wanted it, because I thought it will look pretty good as a yukata.

After inquiring, the said cloth was Aud$40 for 4 meters, which I figured would be enough to make a decent summer yukata. At least not the traditional sense full length with long sleeves, but a more modern version. I left it in my closet because I have not been back to Malaysia and tailors in Australia are pretty darn expensive. Actually Malaysian tailors aren't that cheap either, but the conversion rates soften the blow.

As you can see, the end product is not a yukata. Because
1. The lady said the material is not suitable for yukata. Well, it's not cotton so it might change shape with wash. And with a dress at least I can 'hide' it.
2. 4m was not enough.. what what???

Long story short, I ended up having to pay RM90, which roughly translates to Aud$30 when I paid for it. I was not happy. Because that meant this dress was Aud$120! Worse, it did not fit me that well even though it was made to measure.

On the left, I bought it for RM 120, equating to Aud$40 for this white number dress with peony and a nice flower near my shoulders to boot. To top it off, the dress has a satiny feel to it. The cut of the dress fits well and makes me look a lot slimmer as well. I usually wear a jacket to minimize my boobs.

And so the argument is ... tailor made or ready made?

Medication Tuesday: Flush it Out

ColonLYTELY ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)59g, Sodium Sulfate BP 5.68g, Sodium Bicarbonate BP 1.69g, Sodium Chloride BP 1.46g, Potassium Chloride BP 0.75g, Acesulfame potassium, Lemon flavour Trusil and Calcium cyclamate in a soluble powder

Picoprep ingredients: 10mg sodium picosulfate; 3.5g  magnesium oxide;12g  citric acid;, 36mg aspartame.

These two are available in Australia for bowel procedures. If you ever wondered how doctors are able to see anything with all the waste material in it, they don't. Patients have to cleanse their bowels before the procedure, and the main way to do it is to use one or both, although patients who have kidney problems tend to be pushed to use ColonLYTELY has less sodium in total.

How to use is pretty easy, dissolve a packet into water (about 250ml) and drink. But it is easier said that done, this stuff can make you gag, literally. Since this is meant to cleanse your bowel, it is made from strong stuff, strong enough to make your brain register "evacuate" when you try to push it to your bowels via your mouth.

They say chilling it might help, but you can slowly sip it until you finish the whole thing. Basically you have to cleanse until your bowel evacuate clear water, then you are ready. So you will have to start the day before, so by the time your procedure starts you still have nothing in your bowels.

What can you eat?
Pretty much nothing on the day before your scheduled visit And two days before skip brown bread, red meat, cereals, vegetables, yellow cheese and seeds, or anything that contains seeds.

But you may eat eggs that are boiled or poached, cottage cheese, white bread, low fat plain yoghurt, steamed white fish, boiled chicken, pumpkin and potatoes, clear jelly, skim milk.

What can you drink?
Water is of course the ideal.
Clear fluids like chicken broth, fruit juice (like clear apple juice), tea and coffee, gastrolyte, sports drink
No-nos: milk

That means black tea and coffee.

Side effects: nausea, bloating, sometimes vomiting. All these disturb electrolytes in the body, and diarrhea also will affect electrolytes in the body.

Because these are irritant to your bowel, pregnant women and the elderly might have to find a different way to cleanse their bowels. Enemas are another way to go, but they are more invasive though.

More bad news:
It takes about 3L of ColonLYTELY to completely evacuate your bowels, if you are unlucky sometimes 4L.

Exercise Monday: Setting The Bar

EZ bar @ gym

Here we have the EZ bar, it is called so because it is easier to grip than the traditional straight bar. The curves on the handles allows you to gauge where your hands want to be and then you can hold it better.

There are some grip criss-crosses to help you with your grip, although I wear gloves to help me grip better and stop me from getting calluses. A girl has to keep hand soft and supple right? The weights are preset, so the bar plus weights equal to the weights advertised on the side. So we have 10kg and going up in 5kg increments.

If you want a heavier weight, sadly the gym does not have free barbells where you can just slot your weights in. I miss that, I used to be able to play with weights, like 12.5kg or 17.5kg. The set increment is not that fun to play with when you need smaller ups instead of big jumps.

No need to say much about type of exercises you can do, bars help with balance more, because you can see from the mirror if you are tilting in 1 side, where else dumb bells you wouldn't notice. Another disadvantage is that they are even at both sides, so if you are looking for some uneven core workout, bar bells would not help.

What I do on these babies, currently I am on 10 and 15kgs only, because I'm such a lazy ass.
1. Bicep curls
2. skull crushes (tricep)
3. Sumo squat
4. Squat and row
5. Lunges (put them on your shoulders and lunge lunge)
6. shoulder press
7. Chest press

Not bad list