Summer is Coming! Is Your Body Ready?

Uriage from Beauty Heaven
Summer is Coming! Are you ready, buff up the body, slough off those dead cells! I am sure a lot of beauty blogs and beauty places will be reminding you of your impending beach bod readiness. I share the same sentiment, especially when I have been spotting some ingrown hairs and snake-scale-like patterns on my ankles.

No choice but to exfoliate, but I am putting off buying an exfoliating mitt or loofah yet, because I have been lazy. Winter is cold and you know, who would look under layers of clothing once you put them on.

But summer man, is different, you want shorts, skirts and those really pretty outfits that can show off your legs (if you have pretty legs, unlike mine) or just not look like an ape when your pants/ trousers accidentally get pulled up.

I have got Uriage exfoliate for sensitive skin. It is gel with beads in it, and it contains AHA, which means it would pay to massage, so it is a mechanical and a mild chemical exfoliate. Thanks to BeautyHeaven, I had the opportunity to try this, I don't really know where to buy them yet.

It works really well, since it wasn't cold I could turn off the shower and do a quick rub down before rinsing it off. It is gentle on skin, but does its job well enough.

Cocoa Butter From Woolies
After that, moisturize!
Here I managed to buy this Palmer's Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E from Woolworth's clearance bin. This sweet jar cost about AUD$7 from AUD$14.99.

What a bargain, it is hydrating and as you can see: no parabens, phlates, fragrance and color.

Love it, I even use it on the little brat.
You do not need much, because the cream is thick and you just work it in after shower.

Birthday Present
On the side note: I have finished my KORA's cream exfoliate. I wouldn't recommend it. I did not like the cream texture and I felt like it has not done a good job with exfoliating my skin.

Although it does not dry out my skin so badly, but I would keep on using Uriage and see if it is a better product.

For the price tag, I suppose it is up to you, as KORA is an organic brand by Miranda Kerr. But I think it is just an overpriced item.

Dreaming about holidays

Hmmm ...

Hmmm ... by cosmoslyn featuring a wool hat

UNIF torn t shirt
81 AUD -

Boohoo denim skort
43 AUD -

Sole Society wool hat
54 AUD -

Ray Ban gradient aviator
170 AUD -

Summer is coming! Spring is currently in the air for the Southern Hemisphere! Right now, I am dreaming about the sand and the beach =) and the face of my son when he first gets into it. Ho Ho I love that shirt, I think it is pretty cool. I am not an enemy of selfies, just the duck face/ pout/ pig face/ whatever you want to call it. It is cute when my 22 month old does it, not a 32 year old, ok?

Rice Wine Soak Update

Last 3 weeks ago ( I think), I had created this rice wine soak from glutinous rice, rice wine yeast and water.

Inspired by SK2 and its hefty price tag, I sought to DIY my own.
Rather than testing it on my face, I did it on my hands, which are probably more resilient than my poor face.

So far I have been using it every 2-3 days after washing the dishes. The bottle of rice water has been sitting in the kitchen since it was easier to stand in the kitchen after washing the dishes and mopping the floor to just stand there and think that to cook for tomorrow.

As a part time pharmacist and a full time mom, everyone knows the feeling of "what to cook tomorrow?"

This was first soak, I did see a difference, maybe I was not exfoliating my skin often enough. It was instantly soft and hydrated.

It felt clean even though I did not use soap or wash up after the soak. And I was really happy, you know, it did not take a lot of rice to make up so I was on to something.
After about 3 weeks of soaking, it was not as special as I thought it would be. I think because it lacks something that could break down the rice starch into simple sugar the yeasts could use.

I ran out a while back, threw it away due to expiration (like 3 years past expiration date). While the picture makes my hand look really soft, beautiful and young looking, reality hits hard.

The solution did not work as well as I was hoping for. But since it cost next to nothing, with the ingredients being in my pantry already... maybe the yeasts too, had died after 5 years of being dried up.

Hmmm.. might have to get some fresh stock then. But then again, probably easier to just buy a new bottle of rice wine.

Nature's Quest Natural Face and Eye Serum

I got this from a health food shop while browsing for bubby's calcium tablets. Nature's Quest is made in Melbourne I think, and it was less than aud$20 so I thought I should try it.

It has: Vitamin E, Rosehip oil, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil and Chamomile oil

yeah, 100% oil, for my oily skin.

What was I thinking? Firstly, it's for the night, secondly, a pump/ drop did work quite ok for my whole face.

This is going to last a good while I believe, for 15ml. It is oily and absorbs a little slower due to the viscosity. I suppose if I am lazy, this goes after toner and that's it?

Since it is still cold and dry I wanted to try this, because my face is getting a little irritated and unhappy. After a few days, I have to say that it is much more moisturized because of less water getting lost from my skin. No pimples too, how about that?

I am surprised, you would think that I would break out with all the heavy oils, but not even a bump! Impressive, this goes to show the ingredients itself can cause pimples, not the oil ^_^

Very happy with this, happier that it is Made in Australia.