Chic Pets

Chic Pets from ELLE
Image from: Elle

 I came across this slideshow from Elle about chic pets, my first thought was: I wouldn't even spend all the time looking after one, let alone decorate one with such flair.

And then I laughed at the grumpy cat photo...

While there is nothing wrong with dressing up pets, I balk at the price tag when I saw how much those beautiful costumes cost! I can't see how I would spend that much money just so my pet could look human.

It costs a lot to keep a pet: grooming, food (have you seen how much a can of Chumps cost nowadays?), and vet fees. If you have pets that shed (like a Siamese cat or Silky Terrier), then you have to pay more to clean up your house.

And to dress up the four legged creatures... nah... not me, ever!

Ok, maybe a leash?

Would you dress up your pet beautifully like them? Sometimes I wonder if these pets are happy to be dressed up in uncomfortable looking clothes just so they could look adorable in the eyes of humans

Hairy Product: Organix Biotin and Collagen

Organix Amplifying Lotion
Ah, what can I say about this Organix Amplifying Lotion?

It is great, I am sure a lot of you will stand to the fact that it works as it claims: thick and full looking voluminous hair. It works well, because of my hair fall (hormones, I hate em), they make my hair look thicker than it actually is.

I should be happy but I can't, because my hair has been misbehaving recently, and I really wanted this to be frizz free or at least help with the tangles. Yup I am definitely asking for too much, hehe... but it is great, one of the products that does what it says.

On the downside, I tend to use a pump more that recommended, I think my hair does require the extra amount just to have the voluminous effect. It is easy to apply, just rub on towel dry hair and viola, you are done, style as usual for me.

Perhaps I need an extra hair product for those nasty tangles.

Beauty Post: Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment

Extra Long Name Treatment
Bought this as part of the plan to get that pretty umbrella from Natio last month. I have had good results with Natio (by that I mean no pimples), and I was attracted to this because
1. It was winter and my skin was crying out in dryness.. I am sure it is crying to me
2. Needed some firming
3. It was not very expensive

List of Ingredients here

Things like sesame seed oil and Mallow is good for moisturizing and it also has rose hip oil, orange peel and lavender oil. The smell is not overpowering, which is something that I have always liked in Natio products.

The boast is to moisturize and enhance cell renewal. So far I have not seen much of my cell renewal, but definitely feel much more moisturized and less of the tight feeling I get when exposed to cold air.

At $19.95, it is reasonable and I feel less guilt putting it on more often or slathering it on nicely. Although I might be partial to Kiehl's Ultra gel, which is 4 times as much but lasts at least twice as long. For a pinch (penny pinching), this do fine until my next pay check.

The pump pack is clean, so it dispenses proper amount each time you pump it, and best of all it doesn't spill everywhere as the formula is a little on the thin side. Overall a good product to have during cold winter months where extra moisture is good.